ProCom – The Finnish Association of Communication Professionals

ProCom – the Finnish Association of Communications Professionals – is an organisation for corporate communication, strategic communication, marketing communication and public relations practitioners in Finland. ProCom fosters the professional development of its nearly 3000 members and promotes the value communication provides to society. Our members range from industry thought leaders working in strategic leadership positions of major corporations to entry-level practitioners and entrepreneurs.

Our vision states that Finland’s success is driven by communication.

Our mission is to prove the true value of communication.

Communication drives change! – challenges of 2020’s

Though changes in communication are disruptive and unpredictable, many principles of communication remain. Communication enables democracy as well as the functions of communities, organizations, businesses, NGOs and public sector organizations. Every organization has an equal right to present their view and legitimate their operations within the limits of freedom of speech. New opportunities and threats emerge at an increasing speed in the public realm. Communication professionals have to act and react promptly. The need for stakeholder engagement and knowledge sharing is highlighted. Transparency, responsibility and ethics play increasing roles in organizational life. Read the whole Principles of Corporate Communication -paper here:

Principles of Corporate Communication – VISIO 2020’s

Working committee of Principles of Corporate Communication:

Chair of the committee, Prof. Emeritus Leif Åberg, Secretary General Pekka Aula, Managing Director of ProCom Elina Melgin, Docent Elisa Juholin, Communicationms Director Jani Hellström, Prof. Pekka Isotalus, Chairman of the Board of ProCom, Communications Director Kaisa Lipponen and Prof. Vilma Luoma-aho.


In line with our vision and mission, ProComs main tasks are to:

  • develop and oversee the communication code of ethics
  • offer our members opportunities to learn from each other through trainings and networking events
  • follow the international trends and development of the field
  • initiate and maintain in the discourse on the importance of communication
  • analyse and monitor state of the art via surveys and research

The abbreviation ProCom comes from the words “Professional Communicators”, which refers to the membership, as well as from the concept Pro Communication, which underlines the Association’s goal. ProCom operates at the national level in collaboration with local sub-associations in Finland.

Examples of activities

The annual key events of ProCom include:

  •    Annual Report review and seminar in Helsinki, May
  •    ProCom Day in Helsinki, June
  •    Customer, personnel and stakeholder magazine review and seminar in Helsinki, November

In addition to these main events with a fee, ProCom members can participate in dozens of free seminars and visits to various organisations and corporations organized monthly.

To bridge the gap between research and practice, we publish ProComma Academic, a yearbook that presents latest research and academic findings in a practitioner friendly form. Trends and events are also discussed online in collaboration with other unions at the ProCom blog Viestijät (Communicators).

The Council of Ethics for Communications

The Council of Ethics for Communication addresses ethical issues, acts in an advisory capacity to its constituent organizations and promotes good practices in professional communication. The constituent organizations of the Council adhere to the Communication Code of Ethics. Altogether thousands of communication professionals are now engaging in the actions of VEN. Read more >>


ProCom’s own training business started in 2004 and there are 20-30 relevant communication courses  organized every year. The topics reflect the newest development of the profession and provide strategies, tools and tactics for the daily operations of our members.


ProCom’s highest decision-making body is the annual general meeting held every autumn. Our board of directors consists of a president and 10 board members, representing the highest insight of strategic level communication in Finland. ProCom’s daily operations, training and member services are run by a highly qualified team  of 4: managing director, marketing manager, training manager and communication manager.

Short history

ProCom is the oldest communication association in Europe with roots dating to 1947. Its predecessors, Tiedotusmiehet (1947) and the Association of Finnish Employee Magazines (1955), merged to form Association of Finnish Communicators in 1978. The current name was adopted in 2004.

On ProCom´s 65th anniversary in 2012, the book Vuosisata suhdetoimintaa – Yhteisöviestinnän historia Suomessa was published. This book, freely translated as “A Century of PR in Finland” covers the complete history of the field in Finland. The book received the Golden World Award of the International Public Relations Association (IPRA) in 2012.