ProCom relaunches International Communication Group

Julkaistu: 05.10.2021


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ProCom recently relaunched its International Communication Group. The group is designed for three types of people. First, those interested in discussing topics relating to international communication. Second, those who have experience working abroad in the field of communication and who want to discuss topics relating to that experience. Third, people who want to network with communication professionals who have international experience.


“If you fit into one or more of these categories, you are welcome to join us,” said Mark Badham, chair of the group and Senior Lecturer in Corporate Communication at Jyväskylä University School of Business & Economics (JSBE). “If you have experience working abroad in the field of communication, you are especially welcome because you may have insights to share with the rest of us.”


Mark encouraged communication managers to invite members of their team to join the group, especially those who are not originally from Finland.


Communication professionals need an outward-looking approach

Mark said that today, more than ever, communication professionals working for Finnish organizations need an open outward-looking approach. “Recent regional and global events, such as the current pandemic, have shown that corporations, government departments, public sector organizations and NGOs within Finland have to operate within wider networks beyond our borders,” said Mark. “Corporations in Finland increasingly need to collaborate and compete with corporations in other countries and understand foreign markets in order to survive and even thrive.”


Mark built a 20-year corporate communication career in Australia where he worked for corporations, government departments, politicians, universities and not-for-profit organizations. He and his family moved to Finland in 2011. “I am passionate about building and improving the communication profession in Finland,” said Mark, “which is why I teach and research corporate communication at Jyväskylä University School of Business & Economics (JSBE).”


Are Finnish cities ready to make English an official language?

The group’s inaugural event on Tuesday 19 October will discuss the questions “Are Finnish cities ready to make English an official language?” and “Will this improve cultural assimilation and increase foreign talent in Finland?” Panel members include Egbert Schram, CEO of Hofstede Insights, Liisa Kivelä, Chief communications officer at City of Helsinki, and André Noël Chaker, one of Finland’s leading business speakers and writers. This 1-hour webinar, which ends with a Q&A discussion, begins at 16.00. Sign up here:


Future topics may include:

  • How to work with communication professionals abroad
  • How to lead a multicultural communication team
  • How Finnish organizations can improve communication in foreign markets.


Members interact with each other in the International Communication Group in LinkedIn. Events will be held either remotely (Zoom) or in person.


If you have international communication experience and would like to share your experiences, or if you have ideas for topics and speakers, please contact Mark:

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