Finnish PR industry document film in English launched

Julkaistu: 06.11.2017


Katso kaikki uutiset

ProCom – the Finnish Association of Communication Professionals and production house Otavamedia have launched a video documentary telling the history of the Finnish PR and communication industry in just eight minutes.

The documentary was first created in Finnish for the seventieth anniversary celebrations of one of Europe’s oldest communication associations ProCom. The video is now available also in English on Youtube and it can be used for teaching purposes.

“The documentary has been very well received among communication professionals both in Finland and abroad”, says Elina Melgin, Managing Director of ProCom. “We have also received spontaneous feedback via social media: how such a rich documentary has been condensed so well”.

“The History of Communication” tells how the PR profession was born, has developed, and has changed along the societal turns in Finland. It brings up the phases, from times of manipulative propaganda to the digital age in which ethics and transparency are important values.

Why a Youtube video?

A short video documentary is easy to follow. PR industry is often difficult to understand outside the industry. “ProCom´s mission is to show the value of communication in the society. With this story we illustrate our purpose”, Elina Melgin says.

The story conveys an understanding of the profession of communication and PR to those outside the industry itself, such as students and business leaders. It is very important to deliver a factual picture of the past and create common understanding about the industry. “The road from propaganda to transparent communication is similar to many Nordic and Central European countries”, Melgin states.

The documentary includes archive footage from the association ProCom, original news footage of each decade, and graphics created for the documentary

More information: ProCom, Elina Melgin, tel: +358 40 82 11 688.